Start Updating details of sextruplets dad

Updating details of sextruplets dad

This kitty clearly needed some food, so it would get some. His little brother who was lying on the concrete with a large gash visible on his head. He could see his little brother was losing the fight to sleep. He stepped into the room and plopped down onto a chair next to the hospital bed.

This kind of action was so unlike of the brother that Osomatsu knew right away that something had upset Ichimatsu, and a lot. ” “We’re in the one near the station, Akatsuka Hospital. ” there was rustling on the line when the oldest brother got dressed while probably holding the phone in his free hand, “You stay there and report any changes in Jyushi’s situation. The rest of the six brothers arrived in half an hour which was fast, considering they were all working prior to Osomatsu calling them.

” Osomatsu told his little brother who was beginning to hyperventilate. Calm down.” “O-Okay.” “We’ll be right there”, was the final thing Osomatsu told his brother before ending the call.

“I’ll take some more shifts in the café”, Todomatsu piped in. “Hey guys, you think one of us should stay here for the night? ” Osomatsu said taking a firm grip on the fourth brother’s hood. When the group was sure to have left the building, Todomatsu sat to the now empty chair next to the bed, “What are we going to do with you? Some information for the doctor Totty wouldn’t have any hope of understanding. There was no way he would be up in a second after a crash with a truck. He didn’t want to admit that his brother might never play baseball again. “Knowing you though, I think you’ll be up in a week at most”, Ichi told his comatose brother, “You’re too hyper to stay asleep for that long.” He talked about his night.

It had been a stomach bug, and had lasted for five days straight. It’s night there now, though”, Ichimatsu simply stated, hoping the simple answer would make his brother shut up. At that exact moment a black cat, obviously a stray, wandered from the bushes straight to the brothers’ path. Jyushi dug around the grocery store’s cheap plastic bag for a good minute before triumphantly raising a bag or treats hight above his head. When they finally arrived to the hospital, Jyushimatsu was wheeled off into an operating room. He’d have to answer after looking at the caller ID. They all stopped in front of the plain, boring door.

It mewled in hunger and rubbed its sleek body against Ichi’s leg. ‘It wasn’t like he had found the rarest item on some stupid RPG game or something. ’ Ichimatsu thought to himself but accepted the offered bag. I told you to stay awake”, Ichimatsu told his brother strictly. A doctor, a kind looking elderly man, came to Ichimatsu and told him all he could do was to wait and call any relatives. Would they want to see the damage done to their brother?

Karamatsu flipped his hair, “Maybe I should try modeling.” “It hurts! We have a lot of those in our area”, Osomatsu asked. It’s not fit for all of us”, Todomatsu pointed out mostly referring to himself and Ichimatsu. I mean, it would be pretty horrible to wake up alone in a hospital bed”, Osomatsu asked his brothers. The guys at the café are all good people, they’ll understand way better than your employers”, Todomatsu offered. “I’ll stay too”, Ichimatsu tried to protest but was dragged away anyways. You’re way too prone to accidents.” The nurse came somewhere around 9 PM. Her only response was a sympathetic glance before scurrying out of the door. It probably read that the situation hadn’t changed at all. He didn’t want to admit that his brother might never wake up. Don’t scare me like that”, Todomatsu told to his brother sleeping away on the bed. Jyushi had always loved baseball, for some unknown reason. Totty could’ve bet he didn’t even know what ‘rage’ meant. How he couldn’t sleep and ESP Kitty had kept him company throughout the night.

“Okay, me and Karamatsu will look into it”, Osomatsu told Choromatsu with a nod, “How about you? I’ll manage”, Choromatsu answered still on his phone, this time sending e-mails. The doctor had told the brothers that Jyushimatsu might be able to hear them and that a familiar voice might help him wake up. When asked what would be a good topic, he had simply told the youngest to come up with something. Maybe it was to channel out the rage he had towards Karamatsu and his awful taste. Of course he was a little pissed off sometimes, or frustrated, but he always seemed to find a way to instantly calm down. Totty’s brother’s cheerful exterior had only cracked a handful of times. And like usually, when something cracked, it all came falling down. We know you’d be mad but it’s something we all decided together. The cat wasn’t his or anything, so it did so in his own free will.

When the day of the game finally came, Totty made sure to be in the crowd. There was an audible noise when the wooden bat hit the defenseless leather ball, sending it flying through the field. There was another sound following the bat hitting the ball. ‘They had to get in there’, they thought, already halfway through the field. ” Jyushi mumbled in pain as the brothers crowded around him forming a protective circle. He was starving and thinking of stopping by the nearest shop to buy something small. “Let’s see”, Granny flipped through the first one stopping to show a picture to her guest, “Here’s a kabuto beetle I found in a nearby forest not too far away from here. I bet it was the biggest I have ever found.” “So cool! ” the two would continue flipping through the albums for hours. The old ladies would tell Granny she had gotten an excellent little helper.